Compex Apex Locator

COMPEX Multi-Frequency Apex Locator 

The COMPEX apex locator is a battery-operated portable device designed to locate the foramen and determine the working length during root canal treatments. Using a multifrequency-dependent impedance method and a series of proprietary algorithms, the Compex apex locator accurately determines the position of the apical anatomical foramen. 

Utilizing the advantages of its well-proven technology, the COMPEX apex locator offers the clinician unsurpassed accuracy, unrivaled reliability, and an extremely user-friendly interface. The custom color graphic display of the unit helps to achieve the optimal endodontic performance required during every root canal treatment. 

  • Convenient, easy-to-read display has unsurpassed accuracy
  • Multifrequency measurements are fully automatic
  • Compact design with small footprint fits easily on a counter or treatment tray


Download Compex Quick Start Guide


Contents Of Box: 

Main unit, Measuring cable, Tester, Lip hook (2), Lip clip (2), Touch probe, AC adapter, IFU, Tech guide


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