Genius File Intro J Kit (3 Pack)

Genius files are made of thermal-treated austenite NiTi alloy, designed with an S “double right cutting edge” cross section, enhanced flutes, and a non-cutting tip with a safe and anti-blocking tip design. They present a constant .04 taper, compatible with right cutting asymmetric reciprocation and rotary movement, and operate ideally in reciprocation with a 90° “cutting” CW and 30° “releasing” CCW movement provided by the preprogrammed Genius file settings built into the Genius motor. This 90° CW/30° CCW asymmetric reciprocation movement reduces the risk of file fracture due to torsional and cyclic fatigue and creates a smooth path to the apical limit. Studies reported that decreasing the reciprocation range of instruments resulted in increased cyclic fatigue resistance with less canal transportation and more centered preparations.


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