Sonus LED Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

Sonus LED Piezoelectric unit is an ultrasonic device operating on a range of 25 to 31KHz frequency. Sonus is a portable unit that can be connected with the office water line or its own reservoir for irrigation during the procedure. Sonus is a multifunctional device that can be used for dental hygiene, extensively evidence-based proved to be effective for calculus and stain removal, alongside applications in endodontics, periodontics, cavity preparation, implantology, and oral surgery. Sonus utilizes a state-of-the-art piezoelectric transducer operating at an optimal frequency of 27 kHz to 29 kHz in a linear pattern via crystals activated by the ceramic handpiece. Sonus requires less water to control heat compared with magnetostrictive ultrasonic handpieces. This specific property produces fewer aerosols during scaling and it is more comfortable for patients with breathing conditions. With an advanced processor-controlled energy dispersion at the various inserts designs available, Sonus electronics manage the right amount of vibration necessary for each procedure, allowing more comfort and less aerosol during vibration

Sonus exclusive features:

  • Ultrasensitive intuitive touch-screen control panel interface for ease of use with customizable power settings for improved efficiency
  • Waterline and reservoir irrigation modes
  • Regular tank and accessories bottles to quick shift irrigants during the procedure
  • Pre-set clean-purge program
  • Pre-set programs for scaling, perio, endo, and endo activation/irrigation
  • 30 seconds alarm to time endo activation/irrigation
  • LED tip illumination
  • Compatible with S-type tips
  • Unique proprietary inserts for finding hidden canal entrances and irrigation/activation


Advantages of Sonus versus other piezoelectric units:

  • LED tip illumination
  • Regular tank and accessories bottles to quick shift irrigants during the procedure
  • Pre-set clean-purge program
  • 30 seconds alarm to time activation/irrigation
  • Irrigation mode with pre-set vibration and amplitude suitable for endodontics irrigants activation


Download Sonus Quick Start Guide


Contents Of Box: 

Main unit, Handpiece, Torque wrench, Wrench, Foot pedal, AC cord, Reservoir, LED lamp (extra), 3 Accessory Bottles, IFU, Tech guide

Tips Included: 


  • E71 (5) and E72(5) Polysonic Irrigation/Activation
  • ED70 (irrigation connector)
  • ED12D (ball diamond coated)
  • ED15 (spreader)
  • ED17 (gutta percha cutter)

Scaling / Perio:

  • GD4 (Universal scaling L)
  • GD5 (Universal scaling M)
  • GD12 (Stain remover)
  • PD7 (Infra gingival)
  • PD12 (Interproximal)


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Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3.75 × 3.125 in


Sonus (piezoelectric) Cavitron (magnetostrictive)
Multiple uses. Hygiene, Periodontics, Endodontics, Cavity prep, Implants, Microsurgery. The unbalanced heterogenous type of vibration and the elliptical stroke patterns just allow tips for hygiene and periodontics.
Energy dispersion in a linear direction on the lateral sides of the tip causes less damage to the surface and consequently more comfort to the patient. The energy dispersion makes all its sides effective and energy output at the tip produces the greatest amount of vibrations. This can cause damage and discomfort to the patient.
Water line and reservoir with different options of bottles to accommodate water and/or different chemicals for irrigation Just line water
Feedback processor-controlled performance. Vibration’s amplitude will adapt according to the operator’s pressure against the tooth surface No vibration modulation during the procedure