ACE - Advanced Cordless Endo Motor

ACE is a compact, continuous and reciprocating ergonomically-designed cordless base and motor with an accurate built-in apex locator. With a hybrid design, ACE allows the portability of a cordless motor with the easy controls access of a reliable bench motor. Pre-set programs for Medidenta files like the new Genius Proflex, ACE permits programming eight different file systems in rotation and three in reciprocation. Rotation, torque, and the exclusive ability to control angles in reciprocation make the ACE a true open endodontic motor.

In addition, the unit offers Genius AutoSense™ movement. This breakthrough canal treatment technology changes automatically the kinematics from rotary to right cutting reciprocation based on the measurement of the canal walls resistance against the file apical progress, facilitating faster and safer treatment in even the most complex cases. With a touch screen panel and LCD display, ACE shows the file position during instrumentation, eliminating the need for individual devices for working length determination and root canal instrumentation.

  • Cordless lightweight handpiece with built-in accurate apex locator
  • Silent (40 to 50dB) brushless motor
  • Rotary and reciprocation kinematics with an adjustable range of 10° (20° ~ 400°)
  • Mini 6:1 rotatable “slim neck” contra-angle
  • Easy to read 3” LCD color display
  • Proprietary Genius AutoSense™ technology helps to avoid file separation
  • Pre-set files programs in rotary and reciprocation
  • 8 customizable programs in rotation and 3 in reciprocation for operator’s choice
  • Universal “open” motor works with the majority of rotary and reciprocation engine-driven files
  • Speeds between 100 and 1,200 rpm and torque between 0.4 and 4.0Ncm are available
  • Convenient sub-settings: auto-start, auto-stop, auto-reverse modes, apical-stop, apical reverse and apical-slow down
  • Convenient wireless handpiece charging


Download Ace Quick Start Guide


Contents Of Box: 

Base, Cordless handpiece (motor), Contra angle head, Measuring wire, File clip 4, Lip hook 2, Touch probe 2, Apex locator tester, USB measuring cable, Protective silicone cover, Lubrication nozzle, IFU, Tech guide


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At A Glance

  EndoSync Plus (Brasseler) Tri-Auto ZX 2 (JMorita) Endomax Brite (Edgeendo) ACE (Medidenta)
Speed range 100 to 1000 rpm 100 to 1000 rpm 125 to 625 rpm 100 to 1200 rpm
Maximum torque 5.0 Ncm 5.0 Ncm 5.0 Ncm 5.0 Ncm
Apex locator built-in no yes no yes
Cordless handpiece yes yes yes yes
Cordless base no no no yes
Rotary and reciprocation open motor no no yes yes
Adjustable angles in reciprocation OTR mode: 90, 150, 180, 270, 360 degrees;

30, 60, 90, and 120 degrees

OTR mode: 180, 240 degrees

OGP mode: 90, 180 and 240 degrees

Clockwise: 30°, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130, 150 and 170 degrees

Counterclockwise: 70, 150, 130, 110, 90, 70, 50 and 30 degrees

10 degrees interval range. Clockwise and counterclockwise adjustments from 20 ~ 400 degrees
Auto-reverse yes yes yes yes
Auto-start and auto-stop only if connected to the EndoSync A.I apex locator (sold separately) yes no yes
Apical stop, apical reverse and apical slow down only if connected to the EndoSync A.I apex locator (sold separately) yes no yes
Pre-set file systems no no no yes
Customizable programs 6 8 no 8 in rotary and 3 in reciprocation
Mini contra-angle yes yes no yes
Contra-angle axial rotation range 290° 290° no 360°
Handpiece weight 140g 140g 155g 150g